Terms And Conditions

VIIPTV.com offers an online video streaming service which allows our clients to browse through different services of such programs. you acknowledge and accept the following terms and conditions.

Changes to our Terms and Conditions:

Terms and Conditions can be adjusted and changed at any time by VIIPTV.com . The clients May or May not be informed of such changes. Alterations to Terms and Conditions will be put to effect right away as soon as it has been posted.

Minimum Age Requirement:

You must be 18 years of age or older to become a member of VIIPTV services and utilize them.

Usage and Service Terms:

The content at VIIPTV may not be re-streamed, broadcasted, distributed or transmitted by either direct or indirect sources through any software, device, web-based service, internet sites or any other means.

Quality of streams.

We rely in our site VIIPTV.com on high quality in video streaming and viewing , However, there are other reasons that control the quality, Including device capabilities to access a network Your location, the number of devices connected to one network, internet capacity, chosen content, and the configuration of your device all these factors play an important role in streaming videos. Therefore, VIIPTV doesn’t guarantee the content because of the above-mentioned reasons. For your information, sharing of subscriptions is prohibited and will result in device ban or permanent suspension.


Our service is highly encrypted, our users do not need to install a VPN to protect themselves

Unsupported Regions:

We can provide our services in all countries over the world

Accuracy of Information:

We require all data that has been submitted to us to have no errors, be accurate and updated. You have sole responsibility for the utilization over your own account.